[PS4 Stretch Review] Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey

by Tracey

Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey is now available on PlayStation 4. Are you ready to play this Yoga Puzzle/Platformer? Yes, you read that correctly. This is a yoga puzzle/platformer, and the first of it’s kind. I imagine a new genre will spawn thanks to this release.

This title requires that you have a PS4 Camera to play because you have to take selfies to cover gaps to help Commander Cherry walk over to the next part of the level. Every time you use your body to “build” a new structure you are given a rating of Yo, Yoga or Yogasome depending on your building skills.

There is a trophy for getting a Yogasome rating on every level, and that really shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. If you mess up a build (because you didn’t strike a proper pose) and are forced to clear it, you will lose rewards. If you die, you will lose your abilities. Simple, right?

Commander Cherry - 1

Mirror Mode makes your PlayStation camera appear upside down so your feet will be in the air and your head on the ground. For me, playing the levels this way was very confusing and annoying, but the inverted controls was an interesting idea, and I applaud the devs for trying something new and unique.

The gameplay is pretty much the same all the way through. The selfie mechanic is ingenious, and you have to make a lot of crazy poses so that Commander Cherry can walk on you and move to the next section of the level.

The game is extremely short with only nine levels. You’ll probably complete the entire campaign in around an hour and a half or two hours at most. The graphics are vibrant, and I liked the art style and the cute cutscenes. The game is very polished and smooth, and kids will definitely get the most enjoyment out of this weird and quirky title.

Commander Cherry - 2

It was nice to see Grande Games make use of Sony’s under utilised PlayStation camera. I don’t think I’ve seen any games for the camera apart from the Playroom that is pinned to PS4 dashboard!

Commander Cherry - 3

Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey can be played either in single player or couch co-op with one player controlling Commander Cherry and the other bridging gaps with selfies. The game is perfect for some parent/child quality time or as a short game between longer gaming sessions.

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