[PS4 Review] Submerged

by Tracey

Submerged is a gorgeous pure exploration game completely free of combat, which is a nice change of pace from the rest of the recent PS4 releases. This game is something that those that loved Journey and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter are definitely going to enjoy. Want to learn more about Submerged? Then you’ve come to the right place!


Submerged is about a young girl who arrives in a deserted flooded city with her injured younger brother. She finds an old deserted church where she leaves her brother Taku so that she can then set out to explore the abandoned city in search of supplies and the first aid that Taku needs. She can get around the city using a boat, and this will lead players into a city full of beautiful buildings and skyscrapers to climb, and plenty of landmarks to see.

As they explore, players can also try to find the 60 hidden secrets that are located by using the telescope. The secrets will appear on the map so you can easily navigate your way there, but getting there is what makes this a fun game. As you explore the map any area you visit will appear automatically on the map. You can also find boat boosts that will increase the length you can boost your boat’s speed so that you can search every corner of the map. In fact, there is a trophy for exploring every corner of the map!

Submerged - 1

Upon starting up the game for the first time, I was instantly reminded of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus in terms of graphics and art style and the general feel of the game reminds me a lot of ICO, which is definitely a good thing.

Aside from the main campaign that primarily entails finding supplies to heal Taku, the main aspect of the game is its focus on exploration. It is the most relaxing of games, and its scenery is just beautiful. The game’s day and night cycle will allow players to appreciate all the work done for creating Submerged.

Submerged - 2

The game’s story is presented by simplistic hieroglyphics-style drawings that can be interpreted as the player sees fit. To me, it tells the story of how a family fell apart. The girl and her brother are all that is left of the family, perhaps destroyed as a result of the flood.

Submerged - 3

As the game progresses the girl’s appearance begins to change and it becomes obvious that she is getting sick, but she ignores her own health so that she can get heal her brother. He remains her priority.

The main game – if you choose to do nothing but progress through the story and not collect a single thing – might take you around three hours or so, but with collectibles included you’re looking at around six or seven hours for that 100%.

Submerged - 4

The game is incredible to play, although there are some framerate drops and some chugging here and here, but it’s only a minor. That aside, Submerged is a very relaxing game that lets you focus on exploring the gorgeous environment

As a final note, all trophies in this game are optional and mostly related to exploring the entire city, which makes it a fun and easy 100% for your collection.

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