[PS4 Review] Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition

by Tracey

Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition is the definitive version of a game that was originally made available on PlayStation 3. Now you have the chance to play it on your PlayStaiton 4, and you can take it online thanks to its player PvP or 4 player competitive modes.

Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition is about a world in ruins that is being brought down to pieces by a powerful sleeping warlock whose dreams are destroying the real world. It is down to a woman called Katrien who enters the Abyss to stop the warlock in his tracks and save the real world.

AO - 2

Abyss Odyssey is a 2D roguelike with puzzle/platforming and RPG elements. A good mix of genres in one game is always welcome, and, for the most part, the mix works. The floors are randomly generated, as is the case for roguelikes, so no two games are ever the same. But unlike most roguelikes, the game offers the players a choice of paths to take. The map system works like linked chains with color codes in each link. Light pink is easy, dark pink is medium and red is for very hard areas. The easy areas offer the weakest loot while the hardest floors offer the best loot in the game, which means players will need to measure if the risk is worth the benefit.

Abyss Soldier

A warning to players: Abyss Odyssey is a true roguelike. This means that if, say, you die on the 15th floor you will have to restart from the 1st floor again! You do however get one last chance. In the event of your death, a soldier will take over and continue until you reach a shrine, and you can respawn with full health and your money and loot intact. If your replacement dies, then you are done for unless you have camp tokens that will let you create checkpoints to restart your quest. Camp tokens are not cheap to buy, but they’re definitely well worth their price.

AO - Camp Token

Although Abyss Odyssey is mainly a hack and slash you have special attacks that are assigned to your directional pad, which feels a bit clunky and uncomfortable at first, but you get used to it. The levelling system is pretty sparse since you can earn one skill point for every three levels you gain to upgrade your three special attacks. Mana is refilled by executing special attacks, so the more you use them, the quicker your mana meter will fill up, and once full you can use it to capture an enemy and you can use this to your advantage when the going get’s tough.

AO - 1

You can find journal pages throughout the floors. Some will be out in the open while others are dropped by enemies or are well hidden. The weapons you find are random, so if you die and manage to reach the same spot you died on previously (unlikely due to the randomization element) chances are the weapon you find will be very different.


The graphics are quite pretty, and I didn’t experience a single bug or glitch during my playthrough. The upgrade to 1080p really helps to showcase the great work done on the game’s visuals. The multiplayer aspect will appeal to those who love to go out on adventures with others, and playing with a friend is a lot of fun since it could make your journey a whole lot easier… or it could ignite a dormant rivalry!

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