[PS4 Buggy As Hell Review] Goat Simulator

by Tracey

Goat Simulator was created as a joke, but it later became popular through Youtube. Goat Simulator is now available on PlayStation 4 so that more people can play this quirky release. How did the port to PlayStation 4 go?

Unfortunately, Goat Simulator is still is a joke! The is a sandbox title where you play as a goat from a 3rd person perspective, and all you do is create as much destruction as possible for a high score. There is no story, no set objectives, absolutely nothing to do but headbutt and lick stuff as you collect golden goats… that don’t carry over to new sessions. So each time you play the game you must find all golden goats again.

The only thing the statues do is let you restart the game with modifiers in place., such as changing the goat into a giraffe or an ostrich. And the in-game quests are really stupid, such as Walk on your front legs for a little bit or make the goat fly or, I don’t know, do nothing at all.

Goat Simulator - 1

The game can be played either solo or in multiplayer, and there are scattered minigames around the city, that add a little extra to the game. There is really nothing in terms of content. You can press the circle button to enter ragdoll mode, but nothing happens unless you do it while you’re in the air, and even then its only for comedic effects.

You can travel to other areas via the tunnels. You can even go inside homes and trash stuff, so feel free to experiment with the environments and the mutators. As was the case back when it was released on PC, the game has a lot of bugs and glitches which are part of the game’s appeal, since “they’re not glitches, they’re features.”

Goat Simulator - 2

There is plenty to explore, but very little to do. Overall, this is a funny game, since there aren’t any other games out where you can lick an object or a person with the goat’s tongue and drag them around for as long as you want. And let’s not forget that Goat Simulator also includes an extra that makes its debut on the PlayStation 4: GoatVR! This feature makes your screen look funny and mimics the look of being a goat using a VR helmet without the actual proper effect of a VR helmet.

Goat Simulator - 3

Goat Simulator surprisingly has a Platinum trophy. I was very surprised since I didn’t think the game fit with Sony’s criteria for a Platinum trophy to be included in the game, but there you have it. None of the trophies are missable, and some are time-consuming but overall if you like Goat Simulator you can get the trophy in around 6-7 hours total.

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