[PS4 Review] Red Goddess

by Tracey

Red Goddess: Inner World was a successfully kickstarted multiplatform game that accrued $40,236 of a $30,000 funding goal in June 2014. The game is being released on a staggered basis over the next 12 months, with the first release being on Playstation 4 followed by PS Vita and other platforms in 2016.

In Red Goddess: Inner World you play as Divine, a very troubled young Goddess who is haunted by her past. Something very strange is happening within her mind, making Divine feel very confused about who or what she really is. Her mind is being torn apart. Divine decides to set off on a journey to explore her subconscious and get to the root of her problems. She discovers a planet in there, a location she knows very well with people who are willing to guide her on a path of self-discovery. Divine soon discovers there is more to her journey than she realizes…

Red Goddess: Inner World has an interesting mix for a 2.5D Metroidvania. You have combat, puzzle solving, exploration, platforming and a deep and rich story, so you can’t really ask for more in a game of this genre. Red Goddess has a very strong emphasis on backtracking (as do most Metroidvania-style games), and you can always consult your map using the touch pad at any time to see where you are, where you need or want to go, as well as which crystals you want to collect.

Red Goddess - 1

Divine is accompanied by her inner personas who can destroy colored rocks or employ the elements to clear a path. Divine can also possess her enemies, and she can use this ability to kill the enemy she possesses or use the enemy to kill others. A very handy skill indeed! Since the enemies in the game represents Divine’s negative thoughts; they represent her lost memories. When Divine successfully defeats a group of enemies, she regains a memory of her past.

There is a shop where you can buy health and mana upgrades. This is pretty handy to have considering that the game does get progressively difficult as you work your way towards the end, and upgrading is a must if you want to have a chance of completing the whole game.

Red Goddess - 2

Red Goddess: Inner World is a fantastic and vibrant. The story is very engaging, and the combat system is fun. I love the rage and fear mechanics the ability to possess and be invisible are awesome features. Best of all the game is very colourful, and there is a day/night cycle that is pretty awesome. There is plenty of coins and crystals to collect, lots of secret areas to find once you have a set number of crystals. Divine has a range of skins to find also. The mapping system is very good and very easy to navigate. This is Yanim Studio’s very first game, and I must admit they have done well with their game.

Red Goddess - 4

The game’s campaign will take you around 8 hours to complete. Red Goddess: Inner World is now available in the US and in Europe. The only downside with the game is the loading times are a bit long, but Yanim Studio has said – at the time of writing this review – that they’re working on a patch.

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