Now Available – DECEPTION IV: The Nightmare Princess

by EdEN, Owner

Koei Tecmo America has announced that DECEPTION IV: The Nightmare Princess is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Vita. To celebrate, they’ve sent us a batch of new screens for the game! Are you ready?

D4 TNP_08

DECEPTION IV: The Nightmare Princess is the debut for the Deception series on PlayStation®4, and includes all content from Deception IV: Blood Ties plus a new Quest Mode involving a brand new character, Velguirie, and her rise to power through 100 missions and 3 new stages. In addition to Laegrinna (the protagonist from Blood Ties) and Velguirie, there are appearances from the protagonists of previous Deception games:

· Millennia, the Clockwork Princess, who has more stamina than the other characters and the power to use traps in rapid succession.

· Allura, the Branded Princess, who can automatically recover her stamina and use defensive abilities such as Recovery and Shock Wave.

· Reina, the Tragic Princess, who has the unique ability to slow time and dodge enemy attacks.

D4 TNP_09

What do you think of these new screens? Are you getting the game on PS3, PS4 or Vita? Let us know in the comments below!

D4 TNP_17

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