[PS4 Review] Magicka 2

by Tracey

If someone has no idea what Magicka 2 is all about, you could easily describe it as an isometric Diablo 3-style dungeon crawler with a hint of Torchlight thrown in the mix, but the game is so much more than that. Want to learn more? Then come right in!

First up, a word of advice: To play online you have to create an account, so if you don’t create an account the online features will be disabled. All good? Great!

As for the game itself, Magicka 2 is full of humor, keeping players chuckling all through the game as they play with their buddies. If you have played the original Magicka and liked it, then you’re going to love this sequel!

Magicka 2 picks up 40 years after the Wizard Wars, where battles have wiped out the wizard orders. But even after all of this evil still exist, so a new wizard has been born to change Midgard for good. This is where Vlad comes in. Now let’s get one thing absolutely clear before we continue: Vlad is most certainly not, absolutely definitely NOT a Vampire! He is just Vlad (even though he does look like a vampire). But he’s not, he’s just Vlad! Got it? Good. Anyway, Vlad is searching for a group of four heroes that can take on this quest, so you better be ready for some questing!

Magicka 2 is a pure co-op game, but it can also be played solo if you feel like it, but be warned that by Chapter 2, enemy hordes can be a bit overwhelming for a single player. So you better team up with at least another player to make it easier for you!

Magicka 2 - 4

You have a selection of eight devastating magick, such as lightning and fire, and you can mix up your magicks for new effects. For example, you can mix water with ice for some snowball fun, or you can mix fire with water to create some searing hot steam! You can also protect yourself by creating a shield, or you can also heal yourself before it is too late. There’s even an option for bring your friends back from the dead with a revive skill! So, be sure to experiment with your magicks to see what you can conjure up to help you on your journey!

Magicka 2 - 3

Players must also be careful with all the friendly fire because it cannot be disabled. Do watch out where you point your staff at or you could seriously hurt your friends or worse… kill them! But thank god for that Revive skill, right? Because you totally didn’t want to murder your friends with your magicks. Totally.

Also, since spells are not every player’s cup of tea, there is an option for using physical attacks along with your magicks, and you’re given a sword at the start of chapter one that can be put to good use if you want to get your melee on.

Magicka 2 - 2

Do you like collectables? Well in that case you have 32 artefacts to find in the main campaign that will keep you busy for a while as you search high and low for these hidden items

Magicka 2 is split into nine chapters of spellcasting fun, but once you are done with the main quest the fun won’t stop since there are challenges to complete, five skill trials where you have to fight wave after wave of enemies and get the best possible score, as well as 4 boss time trials to sink your teeth into. Do you have the skill to take on these challenges?

Magicka 2 - 1

I have to say I had a lot of fun playing Magicka 2 – it definitely exceeded my expectations. I was a little worried at first since I have not played the original Magicka, but this sequel manages to stand on its own. The graphics are absolutely stunning as is the music, the humour is first class, and even though the controls can take a little time to learn, they work flawlessly once you get the hang of things.

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