[PS4 Review] Infinity Runner

by Tracey

Infinity Runner is exactly what the title suggests: This is an endless runner from a First Person point of view in a space setting. You have to avoid various obstacles by sliding, jumping and weaving in and out of danger. There are tunnels, lasers, toxic waste, gaps and collapsing bridges that must be avoided at very high speed!

The in-game tutorial is a little on the poor side when it comes to timing. For example in some sections you come across long corridors with sharp corners to turn, without warning of proper timing you can crash into walls causing instant death, on easier difficulty settings you have more lives to continue. On harder settings, you have far less.

Infinity Runner - 4

You will come across enemies which you have to defeat via QTE’s. If you make a mistake, it means instant death, which is a bit annoying but not overly difficult.

As you run you collect data packets in straight lines in every area, there are not of importance except contribute to your final overall score so it helps to try and collect as many as you can.

Infinity Runner - 3

The game has plenty of content thanks to a story mode campaign that offers 14 stages of high-speed and fast-paced running across seven different environments. The levels are very generous with checkpoints, whenever you come across a sort of blue shield you have hit a checkpoint. There is also an Arcade option, where you can choose various modes, such as Infinity that lets you keep playing as long as you can throughout all the stages you have unlocked. In Distance, you can choose how far you want to run, and there is also Score where you choose how many points you want to score before ending the stage, in timed you can pick how long you want to run for and get the best score possible, and put your name on the leaderboards.

You can collect power-ups to help your game. Cipher boosts the amount of data packets you collect by 100. Magnet draws the data packets to you. Shield gives players a boost in health, thus preventing lasers from killing the player on the first hit. And then there is Wolf mode that transforms you into a werewolf, granting you near invincibility. The power-ups are passive and will remain active until you die or complete a stage.

Infinity Runner Werewolf

Quick reflexes are a must. As a side note, I definitely wouldn’t recommend playing for more than one hour at a time. I have played lots of First Person View games, and I have never suffered motion sickness, but the speed of Infinity Runner completely changed that!

Infinity Runner  2

Overall I have loved every second of playing Infinity Runner – it is highly addictive and very fun. Most of the trophies seem very easy as well. I got around 20 or so after my first hour of gaming, which is a new record for me! The graphics appear to be a little bit too dark, and I had to adjust the brightness on my TV, but apart from that this is a fantastic game with a good story and lots of replay value. Within Arcade mode, there are 14 collectibles to find as well, which is a good incentive to replay the stages. Since the game is very affordable, it is definitely worth picking up. I will definitely be picking up and playing again in a few days.

Infinity Runner - 1

The story campaign can take about 3-4 hours to complete. Arcade mode is pretty much infinite, and you also have the challenges section that tells you how far you have progressed in each challenge in story and arcade, which is alway a welcomed feature.

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