Free to Play Hustle Kings is Here

by the_nmac

Hustle Kings is a new Free to Play Billards game that has hit the PSN. No PS+ membership is needed since this is actually completely free to play.

According to the PlayStation Blog:

The core package comes with a healthy amount of content including Trophy support, a training mode, career, and the online league. The league is built around our in-game currency, HKC (Hustle King Credits) which can be won and lost on games — the more games you win, the more you earn and the higher you can go in the league tiers.

There are lots of ways to earn HKC in the game. New players will be given a welcome bonus, there is a new daily challenge every day where you get 5 chances to win big in a unique puzzle or trick shot game, you’ll earn small amounts as you play by potting balls and pulling off tough shots, and when you run out we’ll be sure to give you a booster the following day.


As with other Free to Play titles, if you want to purchase some in-game currency that is an option as well, giving you the choice of how you want to get for your game.

I enjoyed Pure Pool when it came out so I am definitely looking forward to giving this a try and see how it stacks up.

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