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Tinertia Coming To PS4 |

Tinertia Coming To PS4
EdEN, Owner

Candescent Games and Section Studios are working on Tinertia, an action-platformer they aim to release this year for the PlayStation 4.

Tinertia stars the inauspicious robot Weldon who is equipped with a powerful rocket launcher that allows him to propel himself through a kaleidoscopic series of challenging industrial environments. He is stranded on a planet controlled by the evil ARC that has identified Weldon as a threat and is now prepared to destroy him at any cost. Geared for the streaming generation with easy to pick-up but tough to master mechanics, Tinertia challenges gamers to master rocket-jumping. Players will control the momentum, rhythm, and speed of Weldon launching him over deadly obstacles, outrun robo-bosses, and ultimately escape off the planet.

Tinertia - 2

Tinertia Key Features:

* No Jump Button: Master the physics-based gameplay to control Weldon using his rocket launcher to achieve accelerated speeds and an infinite supply of ammo to propel him from puzzle to platform.

* Seven Environments, 70+ Levels: Travel across seven differing environments and more than 70 levels to help Weldon reach the planet’s surface and escape the ARC.

* Ultimate Challenges:
Speed Runs: Challenge your best time with devastatingly fast runs through each level.
Rocket Challenges: Earn par for each level using a limited number of rockets.
#YOLO: Dodge treacherous obstacles and play through Weldon’s journey with only one life to earn a spot on the Tinertia leaderboards.

* Ghost Runs: Players can select the top competitors’ best times and challenge themselves against a ghost Weldon to improve their skills and times.

* Dynamic Replay Camera Angle System: This ability delivers the dramatic angles of every amazing run with enhanced zoom, camera speed options, and fixed angle features.

Tinertia - 4

Tinertia - 2

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