[PS4 Review] Cabela’s African Adventures

by Tracey

You are in the African wilds, and you only have one option: hunt or be hunted. In this latest Cabela’s game players are tasked with capturing five of the biggest hunts in Africa: the Lions, the Leopard, the rare White Rhinoceros, the Cape Buffalo and the Elephant. The game is presented in an open world format and players are free to explore Africa in any way they see fit – they can visit the Green Savannah, the Jungle, the Dry Savannah and the Desert regions.

This game is ideal for those who love hunting in real life as well as in-game, but those of you who are animal lovers and who strive to protect the world’s wildlife population should stay very far away from this one!

The game’s story mode doesn’t have a storyline to follow per se, and it is more of an objective-based mode where you complete one objective and then move on to the next one. Players can earn XP to gain new abilities thanks to a Skill Tree that consists of offensive, defensive or stealth abilities. Active abilities have to be triggered and do have cool down periods. Passive abilities are always in effect and do not have cool down periods. Players can only have two active and one passive ability at any given time, adding an extra element of strategy.

As I said earlier, the game has four regions for players to explore at their leisure, and each region has a number of collectibles. Fossils and Vista Points unlock a new firearm for players to use, and there are eight fossils in each region to collect and six vista points to find. These collectibles will show up on your map as you explore the African plains, so they are not missable, and you can definitely take all the time you want in collecting them. Along with unlocking new weapons, the Vista Points allow the players to get an overview of the current area.


Throughout story mode players can discover optional hunts, these are kind of like side missions, they can be completed whenever a player wishes. An example of a hunt, you have a number of buffalos charging at you, your objective is to shoot them before they hit you if you can. There is no penalty if you are hit as long as you kill them all you will succeed and early ability points. Players will also get an opportunity to hunt Africa’s most dangerous animals, including Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants, Buffalos and Hippos, to name a few. Can you find and hunt down these mighty and dangerous beasts?

On top of story mode, you can enjoy the galleries where you can play with up to four players in hot-seat mode. This one is an arcade-style mode where you have to hunt certain animals with a specific weapon and aim for maximum points. This mode is definitely more fun with other players, but you can also go alone if you wish.


The game does have some bugs that I ran into during my time playing. Not really sure if it affects all players, but personally I experienced seeing elephants fly! Was a little funny to see, but apart from that the game plays quite well.

Cabela’s African Adventures has 35 Bronze, 13 Silver, 8 Gold and one Platinum for you to earn. Overall, the game can be completed in around 10-12 hours, which is nice value for the price..

This review is based on a copy of Cabela’s African Adventures provided by Activision.

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