Come Meet Sojiro, Zenji, and Himeno from Lost Dimension!

by EdEN, Owner

Atlus got in touch with us to share a video that presents three of the characters that you’ll get to meet during your adventure on Lost Dimension. And while they had our attention with the video, they also casually mentioned a very cool promotion for those that get the game during the first two launch weeks.

Introducing another round of psychics that will join your fight in Lost Dimension: Sojiro, Zenji, and Himeno! Sojiro’s knowledge of medicine allows him to heal and revive fallen teammates, as well as inflict deadly status effects upon his foes. As a mimic, Zenji’s special powers allow him to copy the abilities of nearby teammates; he has the potential to double the trouble when you put him in your team, or if worse comes to worst, he’s carrying a shotgun too. Last but not least is the hot-headed Himeno, who can control fire and ice to obliterate anyone standing in your way.

If you buy Lost Dimension during the first two launch weeks you’ll get some free DLC that would otherwise cost $20!

Lost Dimension DLC Offer

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