[PS4 Review] White Night

by the_nmac

White Night is a new stylish horror game from Activision that was recently released for Sony’s PlayStation 4. Is this game all style and no substance or do we now have a new classic in the making?

The dark will reveal all!

Explore the macabre past of an old mansion in the 1930’s and solve puzzles of light and shadows in this fully black & white survival horror! Players are trapped in this nightmare where darkness is a constant threat!

-Classic Survival-Horror 3D Mechanics: Solve puzzles of lights and shadows to survive
-Shed Light on the Mysteries of the Mansion: Collect matches to light your way and reveal the next passage
-Dark Entities Lurk in the Shadows: Avoid apparitions to continue your search for answers
-Immerse Yourself in the Noir: Unique art style engrosses the player in the tone of Film Noir

White Night – Launch Trailer

White Night is a brand new Survival Horror adventure game brought to you by oSome Studios. This game is different from the regular survival horror games thanks to a unique style to the game that makes it stand out from the crowd, making it feel completely different form anything that has come before it.

The game is set in Boston. You are driving your car home after having some drinks, and you have an accident. You are hurt and limping, and as you walk slowly you manage to see a house. You head there hoping to find someone to help you, but you soon realize the house is haunted by a dark past. This sets up the premise of White Night, which takes the survival horror genre to the 1930’s. They set up the time period well making sure to give it a film noir feel, from the house to the clothes and even to the way the main character talks (I love games set during that time period!).

White Night_Launch Screenshot_2

The game is completely in Black and White to help tell it’s compelling story. Everything is black, and when you have a source of light either from a match, a fireplace or an electric light, it will light up the area and show you what’s available. Your main option is suing matches – as you light one you can see around you as you walk, but matches do burn out – even quicker if you are running. You can only carry 12, but you will find refills throughout the house. This really adds to the atmosphere of the game and the spookiness of it all. Often you will be in complete darkness except for the light you have around you with the match. It’s a really unique gameplay mechanic. You will also use the light to your advantage to solve puzzles and continue through house to see what happened here.

This game almost feels more like an old school adventure game with an extra dose of survival horror elements added to the mix. As you explore the house, you can interact with objects that are visible. You will pick up some items and use them with others, evoking some of the adventure games of old. As you explore the house, the story is told to you through the ghosts that you see, as well as through letters from the house’s former residents. The one issue I had here was that being in the dark for too long triggers an attack from a ghost, and the only way to stop it was to get to a lit up area so it would go away. This actually pulled me out of the game a bit. I know that you may want to toss some enemies in the game for challenge purpose, but the way things are done it took me away from the adventure and exploration elements, which are the strongest elements of the game.

White Night_Launch Screenshot_5

The developers took a chance on this almost cell-shaded look for White Night. It’s striking and makes you feel like you are watching a movie (possibly Sin City). The sound in the game is eerie and sets up the mood as well. Overall the game does a great job of setting up the tone from the 1930’s through it’s visual and audio cues.

The game has 34 total trophies, including 1 Platinum, 5 Gold, and 8 Silver. Most of the trophies are for completing parts of the game and finding collectibles hidden throughout the mansion, although there are a few odd ones here and there, including finishing the game in one sitting and completing the game during certain real life moon cycles. It’s not a hard game to get the platinum, but it might take 2 or more playthroughs. Thankfully once you know the puzzles, it takes a few hours to beat.

Final Thoughts

This is a really unique game that I’m glad I got a chance to play. The game tells a compelling story as you solve the mysteries surrounding this weird house. I love the adventure games for the game, and perhaps it would have been great if you could focus more on the exploration and they had used the ghosts to set up the story and scare you from the periphery. I’m glad Activision took a chance on publishing this game, as the studio is known for its bigger triple A titles and not for stylized releases such as this one. Hopefully, this keeps these smaller unique titles hitting the market from now on.

This review is based on a copy of White Night provided by Activision.


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