Shovel Knight Out on April 21st on PS4, PS3 and Vita!

by EdEN, Owner

Yacht Club Games got in touch to remind us that Shovel Knight is coming to PS4, PS3 and Vita on April 21st… which is great news indeed!

You’ll be able to play Shovel Knight at home or on the go because the game will be Cross-Buy and Cross-Save! Play on Vita and then upload your save to the cloud to continue playing on PS3 or PS4, or play at home and move your save to your Vita before you leave the house!

Shovel Knight Kratos

And did you see the image above? Yes, that is the God of War himself… Kratos will appear in Shovel Knight! So be sure to mark you calendar so that you can be ready to get this game during Sony’s Spring Fever 2015 promotion.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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