Rock Band 4 Coming to PlayStation 4!

by EdEN, Owner

It’s been a while since Rock Band 3 was released on all last gen consoles, but after several years were Harmonix worked on the Dance Central series (and after running a successful Kickstarter campaign to develop a sequel to Amplitude), it seems that the studio is ready to go back to the series.

Yes, that was indeed a video of Harmonix members talking about why they’re doing Rock Band 4 for the PlayStation 4, and there are several great news for those of you who own the previous game in the series. First up is news that old musical instruments will work with Rock Band 4 (but new instruments are also being manufactured by Mad Catz), and ALL of the DLC content you’ve already bought will also be available for you to enjoy in Rock Band 4.

There is no set release date for this game yet, but be sure to stick around at to learn more about Rock Band 4.

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