[PS4/Vita Review] Minutes

by EdEN, Owner

Minutes from Red Phantom Games is an interesting game with a minimalistic approach that places all the focus on the gameplay mechanics. It features short but action-packed stages where you must dodge some elements while you try to absorb others in order to stay alive, making this a perfect pick-up-and-play experience.

A unique slice of abstract action and gameplay purity. Collect, dodge, expand and squeeze your way across 60 intense levels. Can you achieve the tricky “Perfect” on them all?

Minutes is the work of a single person (under the Red Phantom Games name), and it is all killer and no filler. The first handful of levels will ease you into the experience so that you can get a feel for how moving around the screen works, and you will also be introduced to how changing your size completely changes the dynamic… not to mention how power-ups can save the day!


This lovely bullet-hell experience will slowly start to push you to multitask as you have to catch non-black objects (that change color and shape every few seconds!), collect lines and absorb huge energy blasts while avoiding black figures, lines, and energy. And if you want to finish the 60 levels included in Minutes you better be “in the zone” because a handful of mistakes will make be your doom. Having a great combo going and demolishing the score thresholds to be awarded with a full three stars per level only to make one mistake that places you in the wrong part of the screen at the wrong time is a very humbling experience.


The larger you are, the more points you get for collecting all the good things on the screen, but sometimes you need to be tiny in order to make it past tricky situations. Completing all 60 levels will probably take players 3-4 hours at most, but that’s only half of the experience. Once you’ve unlocked all power-ups (for stopping time or regenerating some of your health, to name a few), you can go back to previous levels to try and obtain all stars, as well as to complete every level by grabbing all collectibles and without receiving any damage (as well as for collecting any of the missing single ghost-like faces that appear in each level).

And once you’ve done all of that, you can still have fun with the game thanks to the daily challenge which gives you a single shot at greatness every day by asking you to do your best in order to score as high as possible to place your name in the leaderboards. You get a chance to do a practice run so that you know what you’ll be up against, but once you’re actually playing the daily level you only get one life and then your score is set in stone.


Minutes is a very fun action/puzzle game that will definitely test your skills and show you how good you really are. Since Minutes is Cross-Buy, you’ll be able to enjoy the game at home on your PS4 or on the go on your PS Vita, which will keep you from missing any of the daily challenges!

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