[PS4 Review] Zen Pinball 2: Iron and Steel Pack

by the_nmac

A new set of tables has been released themed with the old west and medieval times. The Medieval is table is actually based on Zen’s Studio’s excellent game CastleStorm!

Wanna battle your way through menacing hordes of Vikings or take on a crooked gang of outlaws in the Old West?

You can do that and more in Iron & Steel Pack, an exciting pinball table two-pack that combines Zen’s own epic medieval adventure CastleStorm with Wild West Rampage, an all-new table where you can play as Cindy, a tough-as-nails frontier bounty hunter in the Old West!

Barge into a world of dragons and trains, swords and six-shooters, the perfect blend of the Middle Ages and the Wild West!

Zen Pinball 2: Iron & Steel Pack | PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Zen Studio’s has released their newest set of Pinball tables upon the world. This time they are bringing the Iron & Steel theme with them introducing us to the Wild West Rampage with a character named Cindy and to the established world of CastleStorm, one of Zen Studio’s, great games.


Let’s talk about Wild West Rampage featuring our new character Cindy. The Pinball table introduces us right away to the Wild West motif with a steam engine pulling in. The board is decked out in the wild west theme with a saloon in the background, wooden railways, barrels, and my favorite touch was the spinning guns on the bumpers. It does a great job encapsulating the wild west. The table has some cool challenges that need to be completed on the table including a barroom brawl, escaping a prison, and tracking bounties down. The board is a little wider than I am used to seeing from them, but that’s not a bad thing. It gives it a separate identity from the other tables. I would be happy to see some more experimentation from this. They did something I didn’t think would happen either, make me like Cindy, the table’s main character. She gets to show off some great personality during the challenges and sequences, which make me hope that Zen Studio’s has something planned for her in the future with a possible game release.


The music was great, giving it that Old West feel. I don’t have a lot of western experiences besides Back to the Future 3 and Red Dead Redemption, but it totally made me feel like I was in there. The graphics actually reminded me of The Walking Dead Pinball table. The characters and feel of the board were very similar. Everything looked great. There are some really good touches including the rails being wooden instead of the metal, and one of my favorites was the ball exiting the saloon window every time you put it in through the front door. The glass would actually shower when crashing through the window. Great little touches.

Now on to the CastleStorm table, which I was really looking forward to. I actually reviewed CastleStorm Definitive Edition for the PS4 when it launched. Surprise. I enjoyed the game, its world, and characters considerably. I was definitely looking forward to my return even if it was not in the traditional sense.


The first thing to catch me was the excellent CastleStorm theme when booting the table up. The game’s main character is the protagonist from CastleStorm reminding me of all the excellent, goofy things that game managed to do. The game launches the ball on the pinball table by a donkey kicking it backward with it’s hind legs. There’s a giant dragon on the table that flies around the castle really setting up the theme. The game also features a mini table that was fairly easy to access, that was like a siege on the enemy castle, where you would mow down the oncoming enemies with your ball and try to damage the opponents castle, as they started to recuperate. This was a really cool addition to the table.

The one major change from these tables vs. the previous ones released is to the trophies. With the older tables they used to come with two bronze’s each for completing tasks on the table, however now there is only one bronze trophy per table. It’s disappointing to see this go down, as I have always thought there could be room for more. Hopefully, this trend does not continue on future releases.


You can tell Zen Studio’s once again put a good deal of effort into the creation of this table. They are great even without the knowledge of CastleStorm (if your a fan). You can tell that they put a good deal into planning and bringing these tables to life, with new themes, one’s based on their franchises and ones from popular culture. I’m glad that they have found a good groove here with the projects. Now I have two requests for future projects from Zen Studios. Give me a Wild West themed game starring Cindy, and a Pinball table based on another game from their studio Kickbeat. That’s game is screaming to be a pinball table.

This review is based on a copy of Zen Pinball 2: Iron & Steel Pack provided by Zen Studios.

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