Our Top 10 Best RPGs for the Playstation Vita – Part 1

by Ceidz, Owner

Sony’s PlayStation Vita has a long list of great RPGs for players to enjoy… so we decided to take a look at them to come up with a Top 10 list! Want to check out our list? Then click after the break to get a preview so that you can then go to PS3blog.net for the full feature!

10. Citizens of Earth

Citizens of Earth is a good RPG that definitively has inspiration taken from Earthbound! The setting is goofy and doesn’t take itself seriously. The battle system is cool, and the story is fun to play out. The only (major) issue I had with this game was its instability. It effectively crashed on me a few times, each one of those losing a good length of progression (it would have scored better in this Top 10 if it weren’t for those bugs). But I still recommend this game!



Want to read more and discover what managed to rank in part 1 of our Top 10? Then click on the link below!

PS3Blog.net’s Top 10 Best RPGs for the Playstation Vita – Part 1

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