[PS4 Review] Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

by EdEN, Owner

Geometry Wars 3 is the newest and highly anticipated release in the Geometry Wars series, and it brings more of everything you love while also bringing something new to the table. Are you up for the challenge?

I still remember having a lot of fun with Geometry Wars: Galaxies on the Nintendo Wii thanks to the huge amount of content included on the disc, as well as to the colorful graphics and polished gameplay. What is Geometry Wars 3? It is an arcade style twin shooter where anything that moves is your enemy, and therefore anything that moves must be destroyed.

In order to at least get close to any of the scores set as challenges in each level, players are required to rack up a mighty high multiplier or else each enemy you defeat won’t amount to much. Therefore, staying alive for as long as possible is a must because getting killed will make you lose several precious seconds that could be the difference between barely completing a level and being able to get a three star high-score. And how exactly does one increase the score multiplier high enough? Why, by almost committing suicide as you move awfully close to the dangerous enemies and hazards that surround you as you make a mad dash to get the sparkling Geoms that are left behind by enemies after they go boom. This makes it so that there is nice risk vs. reward balance, making your adrenaline climb to 11.

Geometry Wars - 1

Usually, when something is not broken there is no need to try and fix it, but Lucid Games went the extra mile to make sure that Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions offered something new to the series in order to keep things interesting. For this reason, you will now run into areas that twist and turn the playing field into a wide range of weird and wild shapes and sizes that will keep players on their toes. Having enemies come from behind the screen as players move towards a power-up is a great way to make sure your mind is completely set on the game.

Players will also be able to earn in-game currency to purchase drones (that are unlocked as you progress through the game) and which can also be upgraded to improve their skills. These go from drones that attack enemies that are far from your ship, to using melee attacks to try and protect you if you get to close to an enemy cluster, to another one that lets you pull Geom that isn’t as close to your ship. Drones completely change how you approach a level, and leveling them up will let you find your groove thanks to the added skills/firepower at your disposal.

Geometry Wars - 2

On top of all this, you have access to online leaderboards (where you can look at how your friends are doing, or at how you’re doing when compared with the rest of the world) which greatly increase the replay value of the game. Also, the robust single player Adventure mode will keep players busy as they progress through a set number of levels with a nice learning curve that will allow them to learn everything there is to know about Geometry Wars 3. Oh, and there’s also several huge bosses with tricky attack patters that will test the skills of even the most experience Geometry Wars players!

Geometry Wars - 3

Getting a chance to review Geometry Wars 3 really made my day… And my week… And my month. Why? Since Geometry Wars 3 is an excellent “pick up and play” release that can be played in short bursts or during longer gaming sessions, and due to all the extra objectives available to complete, I kept coming back to play the game since I got my review copy and up until writing this review, and I’ll definitely keep playing it in 2015.

And if you liked the awesome soundtrack for Geometry Wars 3, you can listen to it over and over again right here.

This review is based on a digital copy of Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions provided by Activision

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