Pillar – A Psychological Minigame Collection Out on PS4

by EdEN, Owner

Michael Hicks, designer/programmer/musician for MichaelArts, LLC, got in touch with us to mention that Pilar, a psychological minigame collection, has been released on the PlayStation 4.

* A collection of minigames, each representing different personality traits (introversion, extroversion etc.) through gameplay mechanics.
* Different people, different gameplay each part of the game will challenge you in a unique way.
* Explore an intimate snowy town, beautifully hand-painted with attention to every detail.
* A distinct soundtrack, composed hand-in-hand with the game’s design, by the game’s designer, to ensure a cohesive experience.

Pillar - 1

We’ll be bringing you a review for Pillar soon, so be sure to stick around at PS4blog.net for this and other reviews for all the latest PS4 releases.

Pillar - 3

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