KOEI TECMO is Bringing Toukiden: Kiwami To PS4!

by EdEN, Owner

Toukiden: Kiwami, a new and improved reimagining of Toukiden: The Age of Demon is coming to the PS4 thanks to KOEI TECMO. With twice the content when compared with Toukiden: The Age of Demon (including ALL of the content from Toukiden: The Age of Demon!), this new PS4 version (which is also getting a release on the PS Vita) is set to be released on March 30, 2015.

In the deeply rich world of Toukiden, Demons (Oni) have hid in the shadows aiming to torment mankind. Through history, a secret caste of warriors, the Slayers, have been trained to dispose of the demonic threat before it could consume the world. However, an event called the ‘Awakening’ caused rifts to appear in space and time, causing places that had long disappeared from the world to resurface, unleashing hordes of demons that relentlessly hunted humans.

These demons would consume the souls of those they killed and imprison the ones of brave heroes. Using their souls, Oni can regenerate at a rapid rate and only Slayers are trained in the proper way to battle them.

As the extinction of humanity was not far from reality, the Slayers opened their villages as sanctuaries, to protect those who escaped, and provided a last line of defense against the horror.

The player’s role is to complete various missions, strengthen his relationships with the other warriors in the village and eventually start battling the largest of the Oni to banish them back to their dimension and free the souls of the heroes they’ve trapped. In turn, when these souls are free, they stay with the player and provide him with a variety of equiptable abilities for his weapons.

We’ll be working on more coverage for Toukiden: Kiwami, and we’ll be bringing you a review for the game close to launch.

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