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[PS4 Review] Zen Pinball 2 – South Park Pinball |

[PS4 Review] Zen Pinball 2 – South Park Pinball

South Park is now available in a new form on Sony’s PlayStation 4… Super Sweet Pinball!!

Join Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and Butters in two pinball tables inspired by everyone’s favorite mountain town, South Park! Meet characters from the TV show, like Wendy, Timmy, Jimmy, Mr. Hankey, and even ManBearPig (super cereal, you guys) and relive great moments from episodes of the show, including the Sarcastaball and Imaginationland. So, come on down to South Park and see if you can’t unwind!

Zen Pinball has returned with another awesome set of Pinball tables for you, and this time they’re based on the world of South Park. Once again, they have taken a license that people care about and crafted an awesome set of Pinball tables. I have seen every South Park episode and I recently played the Stick of Truth. I am a huge South Park fan, and I was as ready as you can be to play this.

There are two tables that come in this set: one based on South Park itself, and one just for Butters. The South Park Pinball table is a visual history of the show. It’s very busy, crammed with all of the great characters from the town. If you are a fan, there are so many things to watch out that will keep you smiling every time you play. There are many great Easter eggs for fans of the show.


As I said earlier Butters gets his own Pinball table as well, which is awesome news as he is my second favorite character on the show. He has had so many adventures that it was easy to fill this table with great content while still mixing things with the rest of the South Park gang. As you navigate through the table, you will set off on the different adventures that Butters has gone through, and you need to complete the objectives to help him win. There is even a sweet Professor Chaos themed mini-table where you fight “The Coon” and friends.

I love the fan service on both of these tables, and I was instantly amused. My one gripe is that South Park has traditionally had an uncensored voice, and Zen Pinball played it safe with only PG sound bites from the characters on both tables. With the recent Stick of Truth pushing the boundaries on video games in general, this one is very tame and features none of the “offensive language” the series is known for.


Zen Pinball has done and excellent job recreating the world of South Park in Pinball. It takes its animation style direct from the show and all of the voices and sound clips are ripped directly from there as well. If you enjoy South Park, you should be playing this right now. Also, there are two new trophies up for grabs per table, which will surely please trophy hunters.

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This review is based on a PS4 copy of South Park Pinball provided by Zen Studios.

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Zen Pinball has done it again with another great Pinball game based on an awesome licence. They nailed my favorite world from Colorado and all of it's inhabitants. You should be playing this table if you have any love for South Park as a show, even if you are a lapsed watcher. This could bring up some older great memories and bring you back to the show.