[PS4 Review] WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate

by EdEN, Owner

Set in a parallel universe created by the suddenly appearing Serpent King Orochi, players can enjoy the refreshing action of mighty warriors in the tactical action game series WARRIORS OROCHI. The series is full of unique components such as an original story with heroes from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series and a three-man team battle mode.

Players can fully enjoy the dramatic story WARRIORS OROCHI 3’s many heroes even more with new characters who can participate in battle and additional scenarios. Additionally, many new components, such as new actions, and a new ‘Gauntlet Mode,’ in which players can enjoy a party battle have been added, making this truly the ultimate WARRIORS OROCHI 3.

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is a revamped version of Warriors Orochi 3, and it brings more of everything that fans of the series love to see. The game might at first seem like a regular button-masher game, but that strategy won’t get you far. After the first handful of levels, the difficulty starts to increase, and dodging, blocking and countering become a must in order to survive.

You can select three characters to take on each level, and you can change between them on the go, opening up the option of protecting heroes that have received a lot of damage. You can also activate the special Musou attack of one character, and then switch to another to use his/her Musou attack, and THEN change to the 3rd character to do the same, thus leading to crazy powerful combos and an extra bit of strategy to the game.

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate - 1

Each of the levels can also be tackled while taking on extra challenges such as killing X number of enemies, defeating X number of commanders, or other miscellaneous requirements, and this will reward players with extra money and items that can help to make a huge difference in your journey in the short and long term.

Weapons can be obtained in battle or secured at the camp, and each one can be upgraded by using it in battle to increase its stats, or they can be improved by fusing them with other weapons. Another option is using the slots in weapons to add new skills or bonus (ice attacks, extra strength, more speed, etc.), which could make a “weaker” weapon more valuable than the another with a better starting attack strength with no active slots.

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate - 2

But wait, there’s more! Once the main story mode has been completed an extra story mode unlocks and it features new content separate from the original release. After our heroes defeat the Hydra, a new story path will open that will expand on the story from WARRIORS OROCHI 3 while also explaining how things have gotten to this point. There’s also a new mode called Gauntlet in which you use a team of five characters to fight the good fight, and the cards from the regular game are back for Ultimate.

If you’ve already played WARRIORS OROCHI 3 on PS3, you can import your save from the cloud in order to continue right where you left off. And if you’ve already finished the main story, you can import your save to have access to the new story with no need of replaying the main game all over again.

Trophy hunters probably know by now that a “Musou” game requires a huge time investment in order to get the Platinum trophy, and this one is no exception. If you want to 100% Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, you’ll need to spend at least 120 hours or so playing the game, with the last part of it being one long grind to unlock a handful of trophies.

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate - 3

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is a fun action game that provides new content that both fans and newcomers will enjoy. There are dozens of characters to unlock, hundreds of weapons and skills to master, and a fast-paced game system that will keep you engaged and busy for a long time. The new story mode, the Gauntlet and the polished graphics and frame rate make this the definitive version of WARRIORS OROCHI 3 to enjoy, hence the Ultimate in its name.

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