#KILLALLZOMBIES coming to PS4 soon

by EdEN, Owner

Beatshapers got in touch to announce #KILLALLZOMBIES, a 3rd person arena-style game that will be made available on PS4.

In the distant future; #killallzombies is thrusting civilians into a sport of survival were a ravenous zombie population is unleashed in the name of sports entertainment with television spectators voting upon how many zombies they want to uncage to make survival all the more harder for you to accomplish with the potential of a collective horde of over 1,000 zombies.

What sets this apart from other games is that the game will enable others to interact during live streams, meaning that spectators for each even will have a chance to affect the actual gameplay either on Playstation or on Twitch (how crazy is THAT!?!?).

Since the arena is made from hundreds of tiles, the landscape can be altered on the fly by creating new obstacles all over the place, demanding that players change their approach depending on what is spawned in their session.

We’ll have more on #KILLALLZOMBIES soon, so be sure to visit PS4blog.net!

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