War Thunder Coming to PlayStation 4

by Jay

Two days ago, the Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment announced that the Free-to-Play MMO combat game, War Thunder, will be headed to the PlayStation 4. Some of their previous titles include the likes of IL-2 Sturmovik and Birds of Steel, both of which were well done; at least in my opinion.

War Thunder, as I mentioned, is basically an MMO, taking place over maps that encompass an area between 65km/40.4mi.² to 200km/124.3mi.². It is also free to play, with micro-transactions providing most of the revenue. Of course, unless it’s download only on the PS4, a retail version will most definitely come at a price. The vehicles used in the game range from pre-WWII to the Korean War and the beginning of the jet age. Also, I did mention vehicles rather than planes, because the game now has ground vehicles, such as tanks, and naval warships.

It is an ambitious title for sure, and currently has about 1.5 million players on the PC version (it is, however, still in its beta phase). Be sure to check out videos [lightbox link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekovyGGRexM”]like this[/lightbox] to see some gameplay. THis is definitely a title I am looking forward to.

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