PS4 and Xbox One are Shockingly Similar

by Darrin

The biggest surprise is how similar they are:

  • Both feature similar full motion tracking cameras (Kinect/Eye)
  • Both feature built-in almost-always-on video sharing capabilities.
  • Both have blu-ray optical drives and internal hard drives.
  • The CPU/GPU/RAM specs are suprisingly similar. PS4 reportedly has an edge in this, but broadly they seem to be in the same general ballpark.
  • The primary game pads still have the same general configuration: two analog sticks, one d-pad, four shoulder buttons/triggers, four face buttons. The PS4 controller has the touch pad and light bar which are differences, but overall, these pads are part of the same paradigm.
  • Both are designed for the standard living room setup with a standing TV and a player on a couch.
  • Both have similar online networks and services.
  • Both feature a similar array of media options (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, etc)
  • Both are launching in late 2013.

For such feature packed systems, these two systems are shockingly similar. There will be tons of little differences in every item, but broadly, they are broadly packing the exact the same feature sets. Clearly, both products were designed with the competing product foremost in mind. There is no other way to explain the similarity.

My second surprise is that since Sony showed their hand first, I expected Microsoft to take a second mover advantage and add some “one up” features to their product: If the competing system has X amount of RAM/whatever, then their product could have X+1. Surprisingly, they really didn’t do that. There are no “one up” features at all.

What are your thoughts? Are these two new super consoles extremely similar designs?

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