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Primal Carnage: Genesis Coming to PS4 |

  • On March 25, 2013

Lukewarm Media has announced their upcoming game Primal Carnage: Genesis is coming to the PS4. This will be an “episodic” game, releasing in episodes, similar to Tell Tale’s The Walking Dead game.

From towering behemoths like the brachiosaurus and the tyrannosaurus rex to smaller creatures like the velociraptor and the dilophosaurus, there is no doubt that there is something magical about the creatures of the prehistoric world. In order to capture that magic in real time, we used Unreal Engine 4 as our software platform of choice. As the gameplay itself will feature a mix of linear gameplay and open-world exploration from a first-person human perspective, next-generation rendering is key to selling the lush island environment and suspending the disbelief that these dinosaurs aren’t actually, well, real.

Source: Official PSBlog

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