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Topic: PS4 may not come with PS4 Eye by default

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    I have been suspecting this, as nowhere in the presentation did they mention that every PS4 will be equipped with an Eye, just that the controller and the new PS Eye were developed in tandem.

    It makes sense to cust costs, the Eye itself may cost over 30-40 usd and they’d rather sell a PS4 at 499 than 539 usd.

    Here’s a quote from an interview of Sony UK Head:

    I believe the announced camera accessory is packaged with every PS4, is that correct?
    “I don’t think we’ve pinned that down as yet, exactly what product configurations there will be. More details will be revealed over a few levels in the next few months.”

    What do you guys think? I think it would be a shame if they didn’t include it, although I’m not a fan of the move, I think devs may put it to good use by tracking the controllers.


    EdEN, Owner

    That is one fucking stupid way of making sure that it is not used by all devs and sending it to die with the PS3 Eye and Move.

    The reason the Wiimote allowed the Wii to be different from the PS3 and 360 is because it was the STANDARD CONTROLLER that every Wii owner had.



    Agreed. It’s really going to be shame if they don’t include the eye. It would not only allow devs to put the peripheral in the heart of the game, not just as an enhancement, but may also move even more classic move controllers (which SHOULD have come with analogue sticks, btw, like I always advocated.)

    But part of the problem also lies in the “hardcore” gamers, which considered any game-play related sixaxis use as just a “gimmick”, anything slightly out of the ordinary was criticized. Case in point is uncharted, I really liked balancing when walking on a log. They removed it in Uncharted 2. I literally loved the way they used sixaxis when sniping in Killzone 2, but they removed it on KZ3.

    The same crowd would certainly frown upon any such use of the Eye peripheral.



    They would be foolish to not the new PS Eye for all the reasons you 2 mentioned. I’m sure many don’t want it. But like EdEN said, every developer can count on it being there, which is a BIG deal.



    It wouldn’t bother me too much. I’ll still buy a PS4, regardless of an Eye. I don’t own a XBox Kinect, and stopped playing my Wii years ago. I don’t want to move to play games, and I don’t think I’m interested, right now at least, if my console knows where my controller is. So this is no biggie for me.

    If every bundle comes with it, cool.
    If there are two bundles, one with and one without, I’ll buy without.


    If it’s priced honestly then I don’t care. Until I see what the glowy party of my controller actually contributes to my gaming experience, I’d rather the console be cheaper. But you guys are totally right, if only some people have it devs won’t care and that’ll basically be the end of it.




    isnt that eye thing going to be a big deal with all the streaming? It’s going to be dumb to not include it



    I imagine they are looking at pricing models, and this has to be a consideration. As long as this means we get a lower price at launch, then I am all for it. But I agree with those of you who note that this will cause developers to ignore the eye all-together if it is not included with every PS4.



    I’ll be getting it regardless sooo.. Ya, I’m a sucker for all gadgets



    the camera has to cost less than the bloody kinect. They gotta include it



    the have to include the eye if they want people to use it.



    I hope they include it but… or don’t I still don’t know if I even want the PS4. 🙁


    I hope they include it as well! But it must be said that Eye-centric gaming from day one has been a flop (Trials of Topoq, anyone? Aquarium? Feed your fish by waving your fingers in front of the camera!), and I don’t think that the Move has fared much better.



    They might have one model with and one without, or maybe the initial launch models won’t include it but later models will.


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