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Topic: Anyone else have to send theirs in?

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    So last week (or was it this week?) when MGS5 came out, I went it got it on Tuesday, and played it for a couple of days. Later that week, on Friday, the PS4 was completely off, not in stand by mode, and I heard it beep on, and then a MGS disc was ejected.

    I thought “That was weird. Maybe there’s a ghost and he pressed the eject button.” because my DS4 was no where near me or the dog, so I know we didn’t press it. I inserted the disc back into the PS4 and ~10 minutes later it happened again, except this time the disc cannot be inserted back into the PS4. The system is like stuck on “eject”. So I googled some stuff, was told to go into safe mode and “initialize” the PS4, which I did. Nothing. Still broken. I get Sony support chat up, and they tell me wipe my HDD, and see if that does the trick. It doesn’t. Now they’re sending me a box to ship it back to them to fix, hopefully.

    Has anyone else had an issue like this, or know someone who’s had the issue?




    First I’ve heard of it. I don’t use a lot of disc based games though.



    Update on my last comment:

    I sent my PS4 into Sony with the box they sent me, and the next week they sent me back a ‘brand new’ PS4. It had a different serial number than my original, and the casing looked brand new. It could have been a refurb though.

    Anyway, fast forward to last weekend. (That’s a funny sounding sentence) My recently replaced (April, 2014) PS4 spits my FFXIV disc out again, and refuses to take it back. I call Sony and have them ship me another box, to send this second PS4 into them for repair.

    Still, no one else has any issues with their systems?



    @tosh – I think we have some spam in the above comment. Sadly because no one else wants to comment or talk about systems failing.

    Damn it!



    I’d be so pissed if that happened week/month 1. I was pissed when my YLOD 2 years afterwards. Everything is such garbage made these dyas

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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