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[PS4blog] Weekly Recap – November 27 To December 3

December 4, 2017 |

The new weekly recap is here! Click past the break to check all of our news and reviews for the previous week to make sure you haven’t missed any.

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[FREE Game] Manifest 99 VR GIVEAWAY (PlayStation VR – US PSN)

December 3, 2017 |

ThePeltonian reviewed Manifest 99 on PlayStation 4 VR, an ominous and eerie story about finding redemption in the afterlife, from Flight School Studio. We’ve also interviewed the developer, and you can read it right here.

He gave it a 8 out of 10, and quoted it a “Atmospheric sounds and music gives the viewer a fabulous emotionally immersive experience“!

Here’s an excerpt of the review:

Graphically the experience is very pleasing, the storyline is strong, and it manages you fill you with many emotions during a short time. The quality of the graphics and the art style is superb, and that linked to the atmospheric sounds and music gives the viewer a fabulous emotional immersive experience.

Now’s YOUR time to win a FREE US PSN copy of Manifest 99 (PlayStation 4 VR)!

The giveaway ends on December 17th, 2017 at midnight (PST).

Good luck!

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[Review Revisited] The Last Tinker

December 3, 2017 |

The Last Tinker from Loot Entertainment and Mimimi Productions is a very fun action/adventure game with some puzzles here and there for good measure that is available on PlayStation 4. This is a great looking game where color plays a big part, and the art style really shines thanks to the power of Sony’s latest home console.

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[ Interview] Arcade Distillery On New PS Releases

December 1, 2017 |

Luc Bernard over at Arcade Distillery is busy working on three games that will be making their way to PlayStation hardware, so I got in touch to talk a bit about them.

PS4Blog: Hi! Thank you for joining us at Could you please help us get started by telling our readers a bit about yourself and your work?

I’m terrible at introducing myself! I’ve been doing this for a decade now, mostly independent and I’ve been lucky enough to do so. I’m a game director mostly. I think mostly Vita users will be familiar with my work – so far on PlayStation I have released Mecho Wars, Desert Ashes, Kitten Squad, Plague Road, Death Tales, Mecho Tales – some more popular than others.

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[PS4] Serial Cleaner Review

December 1, 2017 |

Serial Cleaner from iFun4All and Curve Digital is a game with a very interesting and weird premise. Find out what it is by checking out our Serial Cleaner review!

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New PS4 Resistance Trailer For Mothergunship

December 1, 2017 |

Mothergunship is releasing on PS4 in 2018, and Grip Digital has shared a new trailer ahead of the game’s public demoing at PlayStation Experience in Anaheim.

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