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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

New Trailer For Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – Meet Wonder Girl!

March 24, 2017 |

Paris-based studio Lizardcube has released a new trailer for Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, and it showcases a new playable character for this remake of the beloved classic. Are you ready to meet Wonder Girl?

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Retro Feature For Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

February 27, 2017 |

Since the project for the Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remake was announced, there’s been one constant question: will players be able to toggle between the game’s new look and the old-school original? Well, now there is an answer to that question: yes!

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[ Interview] Lizardcube On Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

December 9, 2016 | | 3 Comments

We’ve been following the development of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap for PS4 from the moment it was announced, so we got in touch with Lizardcubed to talk about the game.

PS4Blog: Hi! Thank you for joining us at Could you please help us get this started by letting our readers know a bit about yourself and your work?

Omar: Hi! Thanks for having us! I am Omar Cornut, co-founder of a new Parisian game studio called Lizardcube. I am also the technical director of our current project Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. Previously I was a programmer at Media Molecule in the UK (where I worked on Tearaway for the Vita, and a little of Dreams for PS4) and before that I was working at Q-Games on Kyoto (on games such as PixelJunk Shooter).

Ben: Hi, I’m Ben, the other co-founder and art director of Lizardcube. I’m an artist living in Paris. I have a background in illustration and animation, and I’ve been freelancing for animation, video games and writing my own comics for about ten years.

PS4B: We were definitely thrilled when we learned that Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Wonder Boy III) was getting an HD remake for PlayStation 4. What can you tell us about the game’s setting and story?

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