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Super Blast Deluxe

[ Interview] Raptus Games On Super Blast Deluxe

January 10, 2017 | | One Comment

We’re currently playing Super Blast Deluxe for a review, so we got in touch with Raptus Games to talk about the game’s development and future on PlayStation consoles.

PS4Bblog: Good morning! Thanks for joining us at Could you please get this going by introducing yourself to our readers and letting them know a bit about you and your work?

Hey, PS4Blog! I’m Bernardo del Castillo, lead developer and co-founder of Raptus Games. Raptus Games is a two-man Australian/Chilean game development studio mainly based in Santiago, Chile. We have been making games for over five years now. As is the case for many small teams, we began developing for mobile platforms, making smaller games.

However, our goal was always to jump into consoles and PC development, so we are very excited to present our very first PS4 game: Super Blast Deluxe! This is an expanded and remade version of one of our first mobile games, and is now available for both PS Vita and PS4 in the Americas territories – and it will soon be coming to Europe!

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