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The Bellows

[FREE Game] The Bellows VR GIVEAWAY (PlayStation VR – US PSN)

July 20, 2017 |

ThePeltonian played The Bellows, a VR Horror game, from Castle Step Games. We even interviewed the developer right here!

He gave it a 8 out of 10, and quoted it an “Immersive interactive movie that will play with your senses“!
Here’s an excerpt of his review:

I loved the control mechanics and the environment, and how the sounds bring a wealth of immersion sadly lacking from other experiences.

Now’s YOUR time to win a FREE US PSN copy of The Bellows (PlayStation VR only)!

The giveaway ends on July 30, 2017 at midnight (PST).

Confused with the new giveaway plugin? Head right here for more information! And don’t forget to come back every day for your free daily entries!

Good luck!

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[ Interview] Castle Step On The Bellows

July 13, 2017 |

We’re working on a review for PlayStation VR release The Bellows, so we got in touch with the team at Castle Steps to talk about the game’s development for Sony’s VR hardware.

PS4Blog: Morning! Thanks for joining us at Time to get started. Would you mind presenting yourselves to our readers and letting them know a bit about your work?

Evan Davis: Hi! Thanks so much for having us. I’m Evan Davis.

Gehrig Gosselin: And I’m Gehrig Gosselin, and we’re part of Castle Steps. Castle Steps works almost exclusively in the VR space, developing content and experiences we feel can push the market forward. All of our members come from drastically different backgrounds including graphic design, film editing, finance, game design, etc. We’re a small indie team based out of Los Angeles.

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The Bellows Out Today On PS VR

July 11, 2017 |

LA based indie team Castle Steps is ready to release The Bellows on PlayStation VR today! Come check out the game’s official trailer as well as some new info!

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