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60 Seconds!

[ Interview] Robot Gentleman On 60 Seconds!

December 26, 2017 |

We’re currently playing 60 Seconds! for our review so we got in touch with Robot Gentleman to talk about the game’s development for Nintendo Switch.

PS4Blog: Hello! Good to have you with us today. Could you please get us going by introducing yourself to our readers and telling them a bit about your work?

Juliusz Zenkner: Hi! We are Robot Gentleman, a small indie games studio from Poznan. My name is Juliusz Zenkner, I’m the studio’s co-owner and also an art director. We created 60 Seconds!, our debut title that had quite a success and sold in more than 600k copies. We started as 3 people team. The studio originally was created by Dominik Gotojuch in 2012, and Berenika and me joined him later on to work on 60 Seconds!.

Much has changed since the release, since now we’re 12 people, we have Piotr Żygadło – Producer, Anastazja Kulińska – PR/Marketing, Mateusz Pusty – Unity Developer, Agata Bednorz – 2D Artist, Radek Smektała – Writer/Designer Paulina Vera Szmidt – our very own QA specialist, Mateusz Lewicz – 2d Artist/Animator, and our two newest crew members: Marcin Michalski and Krzysztof Lewicki – both Programmers and Unity developers.

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