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[PS4] Puyo Puyo Tetris Review

April 24, 2017 |

Are you a fan of Puyo Puyo and Tetris? Then you’ll be happy to hear that SEGA has brought us a game that mixes both classics into a single game! Puyo Puyo Tetris mixes and matches the gameplay from both … Read More

[PS4] The Sexy Brutale Review

April 21, 2017 |

The Sexy Brutale is a point and click adventure game where you relive a Saturday over and over to prevent a series of murders. The title of the game was more than enough to pique my interest, and within minutes of booting up and seeing the gorgeous 3D graphics and the intro, I was immediately hooked. Wanna learn more about this fun and clever game? Then read our The Sexy Brutale review!

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[PS4] Yooka-Laykee Review

April 20, 2017 |

After a long wait, Yooka-Laylee is finally available on PlayStation 4! Has the wait been worth it? Is this the collectathon that shall reign supreme? Read our Yooka-Laylee review to find out!

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[PS4] Flinthhook Review

April 18, 2017 |

Flinthook is a wonderful pixel art game with roguelike elements. You’ll find the usual mechanics from the genre such as randomly generated levels so that no two playthroughs are ever the same, or how you lose everything on you when you are defeated. Want to learn more? Then read our Flinthook review!

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[PS4] The Silver Case Review

April 17, 2017 |

SUD51 has developed many beloved games over the years such as Killer 7, No More Heroes, and Lollipop Chainsaw. Many years ago SUDA51 worked on what would be his first game: The Silver Case. Most of us missed out on this gem, and now we get a chance to take on an HD remaster that includes two brand new short chapters! Want to learn more about this clever game? Then read our The Silver Case review!

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[PS4] Blackwood Crossing Review

April 14, 2017 |

Blackwood Crossing is a story-heavy supernatural tale about the relationship between Scarlett and her little brother Finn. Scarlett appears on a train out of nowhere with no idea how she got there. What is going on? Why is she on that train? Where is Finn? Come read our Blackwood Crossing to learn more about this interesting PS4 release!

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