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About Ceidz, Owner

Ceidz, Owner

Ceidz, Owner

Ceidz is the Owner (along with EdEN), Contributor and Webmaster of, and he works as a Software Developer.

He has three passions in life: His wife and four kids (including twins), PlayStation (and Nintendo) gaming, and his work.

His favorite game genres are JRPGs and platformers. He’s been writing gaming posts since 2010 and reviewed over 250 games.

Posts By Ceidz, Owner

Our HUGE Holiday Giveaway Has Over A THOUSAND Entries In A Single Week!

December 15, 2017 |

Oh my! As you can read from the title, I’m very happy to announce that our holiday giveaway passed the thousand entries milestone in only 7 days!

Click here to collect your daily entries, or if you haven’t entered … Read More

Only 2 Days Left To Enter Manifest 99 VR (PS4 VR – US PSN) Giveaway!

December 15, 2017 |

The FREE GAME giveaway for Manifest 99 (PS4 VR) is going smoothly… but if you want a chance to win a free copy of this game, then you better act fast!

Giveaways are free to enter, and you could … Read More

[FREE Game] Expand GIVEAWAY (PlayStation 4 – US PSN)

December 14, 2017 |

ThaRaven403 reviewed Expand on PlayStation 4, a puzzle game, from UKIYO PUBLISHING.

He gave it a 8 out of 10, and quoted it a “fun and relaxing puzzle experience“!

Here’s an excerpt of his review:

It’s not a puzzler that wants to challenge the deepest of your skills, it wants you to navigate around it, forgetting about all the stress that’s around you. So if relaxing games are your thing, if you have enjoyed games like Flower for example, then this one is a must-have release for your library.

Now’s YOUR time to win a FREE US PSN copy of Expand (PlayStation 4)!

The giveaway ends on Decemnber 26th, 2017 at midnight (PST).

Good luck!

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[FREE GAMES Giveaway Winners] Splasher (PlayStation 4)

December 12, 2017 |

The giveaway for Splasher is now over. And the random winners aaaaare…

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[PS4] Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Review

December 12, 2017 |

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a remake of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap, released back in 1989. Read our Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap review for this must-play game!

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Life is Strange – Awesome Adventure [Review Revisited]

December 10, 2017 |

Life is Strange is an episodic adventure game release from Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment that released last year. In this adventure game, you follow Maxine who discovers that she can go back in time (to moments she’s already lived) to change events.

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