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Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo Out Today!

Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo Out Today!
EdEN, Owner

Arc System Works has been very busy over the last year working on several games, and they’re now ready to release one out int he wild – Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo is now available on PS Vita!

Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo features lots of the things that players love:

* Blades, chainsaws, laser cannons, pile bunkers, and many other weapons for your fightin’ robot.
* Scores of different parts to make your GEAR match your fighting style.
* Tense story mode that documents humankind’s last, desperate struggle for survival.
* Play the mission-based story progression or fight arena-mode versus AI.
* DLC with new armor, weapons, and missions.
* Giant.
* Freaking.
* Robots.

We’re trying to have a review ready for you soon, so be sure to stick around at for all the latest news and reviews!

  • Tracey Corson

    huh? why have i not heard of this? i take it Europe is an afterthought with no release planned ! aw well i will import from NA at some point 🙂