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New FFXV Trailer in English!

Ceidz, Owner


As relayed by a post on Gamespot, Square-Enix has released a second version of last year’s very impressive TGS trailer, now with English voice-overs!

I honestly like the voices they’ve chosen for this demo (but I’m not sure about the one for the main character), and I’m still very excited to play it, even though its original announcement is almost 8 years old!

Any of you planning to purchase FF Type-0 in order to get the day-1 exclusive FFXV demo? I personally think that giving an exclusive demo of a very anticipated game only to early adopter of a less expected title is a cheap way to make sure that Type-0 sells well…

  • mowmow

    I honestly believe type 0 should have been a vita game but that’s a different story. Ill be getting the type 0 ce, cant wait to try the demo

  • Tracey Corson

    I’ll be getting FF Type O regardless of pre-order bonuses i CAN’T WAIT!!

  • Ceidz

    @mowmow: Yea, I agree with that lol…. It would have been perfect for our Vitas!

    @Tracey Corson: 😀