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Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition – Welcome to the PS+ Instant Game Collection

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition – Welcome to the PS+ Instant Game Collection

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition has become the brand new game added to the PS4 Instant Game Collection.

Free on PS+

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (PS4) Regular Price: $14.99; Free for PS Plus members

Run-and-gun through the zombie apocalypse as hit arcade shooter Dead Nation shuffles onto PlayStation 4. Fight for your life alone or with a friend as Jack McReady or Scarlett Blake as you step onto the streets of a city overrunwith undead flesh-eaters. And, if you’re feeling really brave, take a walk down the Road of Devastation – a deadly experiment that pushes your survival skills to the absolute limit as you face hordes of zombies with no extra lives and no second chances. The dead may walk – but you can make sure they don’t walk very far.

As always, for PS+ users who don’t have a PS4 yet, be sure to login at the PSN Webstore to get the game for your collection so you can download it once you get a PS4.

This is a remake from a PS3 game but with high res graphics, DLC expansions included, and interesting streaming options which puts the people watching the stream in control with the new Broadcast + mode!

We are on brand new game number 5 since the PS4 launched, and so far I’m very happy with the results. What are your thoughts? What would you like to see in April?


  1. Ugh, I’ve been playing this game nonstop since it came to the instant collection. I had the initial game on PS3, and loved it so much.

    I really enjoy the Broadcast+ option, the only downfall is no one ever comes in to watch and interact with me while playing.

  2. Loved the PS3 game, can’t wait to play it on my PS4 ! 😀

  3. frogmantm

    The hits keep on coming to PS+!

  4. the_nmac

    I’m mixed on this game. I didn’t play much of dead nation when it was a free psn game after the blackout. I’m remembering why. I think Resogun is a way better game. Not saying this one’s bad, just not driven to play it.

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