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The Order: 1886 Trailer Released Today

The Order: 1886 Trailer Released Today

The Order: 1886 is a brand new IP coming from Ready At Dawn, and It puts you in an alternate version of history where the industrial revolution started a bit earlier. You play as a member of the order protecting the human race from “Half-Breeds”.

The game will be a Third Person Shooter with a wide variety of weaponry available to you, and I really can’t wait to play the next big exclusive that Sony has for us right after Second Son is released.

There is not a lot of gameplay in the trailer, but hopefully soon we will see more from the studio. I do thing that the full reveal will be E3 since it is the kind of AAA release that Sony will want to focus on. They are still shooting for a 2014 release, but no solid release date has been given.

Keep checking back for more info from the game as it becomes available.


  1. This and Watch Dogs are the reasons I’m getting a PS4. But I blew too much of my tax return on my computer so I have to wait a little longer D=

  2. the_nmac

    Ya. I’m looking forward to this. Watch Dogs still worries me though.

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