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Pure Pool coming to PS4

EdEN, Owner
  • On December 10, 2013

Voofoo Studios and Ripstone are ready to bring Pure Pool to the PS4. After delivering a great pool game with Hustle Kings, and making Chess look and play great thanks to Pure Chess.

Phil Gaskell, Ripstone’s Creative Director had this to say on the series:

Hopefully the announcement of Pure Pool today demonstrates that we’re working hard with VooFoo to build a strong family of Pure games, and there’s more to come. What’s important though is the expectation gamers will have, titles like Pure Chess and Hustle Kings are visually stunning and we’re aiming to help VooFoo deliver a world class game in Pure Pool that I hope will go beyond those expectations and really blow people’s minds!

  • Kane112

    loved Hustle Kings may have to keep an eye on this for when i get a ps4

  • skott

    The last billiards game I played was like Championship Pool for Sega Genesis, or maybe Yahoo! Pool back in high school computer class way back in the day.

  • Kane112

    ahh yahoo pool used to play that all the time back in the day

  • mowmow

    i remember yahoo pool as well. I was horrible at it but it was still enjoyable