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Launch Day Reasons to be Excited about the PS4

  • On November 12, 2013

Massive Leap in 3D Graphics Tech: The general 3D tech and graphics look well beyond what previous console games. Even the super high end PC games on max settings like Crysis 3 don’t look as good (IMO) as Killzone Shadow Fall. This tech leap is something to be excited about. People downplay flashy graphics as merely superficial dressing, but you can perceive more of the virtual worlds with clarity. You can buy more powerful hardware on a PC, but PC developers only target much less powerful laptops so you really don’t see that in the games. PS4 will really show what more hardware can do.

New Hardware: Trying the excellent new controller with native PS4 games is worth looking forward to. It’s kind of silly, but I’m excited to see the console box itself.

New OS: There are a ton of new features on the PS4 OS to check out: completely new interface, app switching, new store, possibly updated media apps, new social features, and game video sharing.

Variety of Games: There probably won’t be an epic Dark Souls quality game of the decade, but (IMO) this is by far the broadest launch lineup of any system:

  • Killzone: the perfect single/multi FPS. The Helghan parallels to German history are really cool story elements. I hope they remove the dudebro.
  • BF4: This series is a great vehicle centric multiplayer title. This entry should be a nice improvement with higher fidelity.
  • Knack: The graphics and tech will be amazing. The game could be a hit or miss.
  • NFS Rivals: Looks like a really excellent arcade racer. Personally, I prefer Motorstorm, (not sure how DriveClub will be) but this will suffice.
  • Lego Marvel: Great title for co-op play with kids
  • Resogun: Highly accessible shooter with great graphics.
  • DC Universe Online: A deep, full content MMORPG on day one? Nice! This game has come a long way since launch and I’m sure the PS4 version is much easier to enjoy than the PS3: I expect much sharper graphics and more responsive.
  • Contrast: No idea what to expect, but a great freebie!
  • Flower And Sound Shapes: For those of us who bought on PS3, these are free! Wow! I question how much Sound Shapes will benefit from newer hardware, but Flower will be awesome to replay.
  • Others: sports games, Trine 2, Injustice fighting game, and handful of downloadables.

Playroom: I have a toddler daughter who can play some baby tablet games, but obviously can’t play a console game. Even the Wii was too complex. The Move games that let her see herself on the TV screen were more accessible, but were still too much. Young kids want less of a structured game and more of just a free form toy. Playroom looks like that toy. I am dying to see my daughter’s reactions to this. I’m sure the majority of the crowd on this site without kids aren’t terribly interested.

  • skott

    I just have a feeling that all of these launch titles besides a few like BF4 and Killzone, Lego Marvel, will be those weird launch titles that aren’t really that great, and certainly don’t harness too much of the PS4’s potential, and once the real, big name games start flowing, these strange titles will be forgotten about, and more importantly will be a waste of my time and money.

    Maybe some of you feel differently about them, but that’s just how they initially strike me.

    • There’s a special fun in enjoying technology while it’s brand new and completely different from what we are used to. Trying the PS4 UI for the first few weeks will be magical. Next year that magic newness will be gone, even though I may still be happy with it. My interest in FPS/TPS drag-cursor-and-press-button games has withered, but playing a polished FPS with a level of visual clarity well beyond what I’ve ever seen will make it fresh again for the next year.

      Even if these games don’t stand the test of time and are forgotten in five years, so what? I feel like a kid on christmas morning. I’m pretty sure I will fully enjoy Resogun, Playroom, and the Flower remaster.

      Also, the main thrust of my life involves my family, friends, and career ambition. IMO, video games are best enjoyed as a side treat in life.

  • Kane112

    me wanta someone give me a preorder

  • mowmow

    the hype for a ps4 did almost get to me but I am going to wait a few months. did you guys grab your ps4’s?