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Basement Crawl – New Screens

Basement Crawl – New Screens
EdEN, Owner
  • On November 27, 2013

Bloober Team got in touch with us about their latest game, Basement Crawl. It’s a game that will soon release on PS4 as an exclusive.

Basement Crawl is described as a strategic action game with creepy characters thrown in the mix, for some hectic multiplayer in an arena style setting for 8 player online or 4 player local play.This will be released as a download title, and should be available soon.


basecrawl_Clown lvlart


  • Ceidz

    The trailer is really creepy!
    Definitively a game to play once the kids are asleep! 😛

    • BlooberTeam

      Hey Ceidz, we’re the team behind Basement Crawl. We’re glad that you enjoy the look of the trailer! If there is anything else that you want to know, ask away! 🙂

      • Ceidz

        I was wondering if you had an estimate on when the game would be released ? Also, will the game feature a Platinum trophy ? 😉

  • skott

    Oh man. What the fuck did I just watch? This looks super creepy.

    Who’s that old woman? Does something happen to her? And when it does, who kidnaps that little girl? What’s behind the door that that key belongs to? What’s with that creepy ass clown holding that lighter?

    • It IS a very interesting trailer hehehe.