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Killzone Shadow Fall Comments

  • On October 25, 2013


  • Killzone Shadow Fall looks to be the best technology show piece for 2013. We haven’t seen final builds of CoD or BF4, but it seems like those games have heavily focused on previous generation hardware. A lot of people are going to be eager to enjoy a big budget, full production game that really uses new hardware, and this title looks like it could be the best for that.
  • The Helghan story of the Killzone universe is awesome. In the way Bioshock captured libertarian ideology in a fun way and turned into a video game story, Killzone 2 took the story of the humiliation of the Germans and the rise of the Nazi party and turned into a fun fictionalized video game. Killzone 3 had the frustrated evil scientist Stahl who was similarly engaging.
  • On the other hand, the ISA story and characters are purely annoying dude bro fiction. The past games made you play from the perspective of the dude bro faction which weakened the game. I hope they replace any dude bro elements with more engaging fiction. Previews mention Helghan refugees living on Vekta, which can draw on tons of refugee related drama currently happening in Europe.
  • Much of the visual art of Killzone is awesome. Specifically, the Helghan uniforms are awesome, as are the inhospitable Helghan environments with the urban wastelands, harsh winters, and lighting skies.
  • the_nmac

    This or Knack will be my first game when I pick it up.

  • Looking forward to this game. Should be interesting to see what a launch PS4 exclusive can do with the new hardware.

  • skott

    The couple of games I’m really looking forward to, meaning as soon as I get my PS4, will probably be GTA V, since I didn’t buy it yet, because of PS4s release date being so close to GTAs release date, and these new stupid CoD and BF4. I call them stupid because they’re turning out to be the new Madden franchises, a new game about every year for $65 or so, and the previous years game is now like 75% off when trying to get rid of my copy.

    Those three games will be super fun, I hope.

    • GTA 5 will not run on a PS4 at all. I wish it did or that’s where I would have purchased.

      • skott

        So they made a game that comes out 2 months before a brand new system, and they refuse to make this game for the brand new system? How ridiculous.

        Fine, if they don’t want my money, I’ll hold onto it until a GTA VI in 2019 or I will get my jollies from a Saints Row equivalent. I just want a game where I can fuck shit up.

      • kennygk

        Really? Has that been confirmed by rockstar, cause I have no idea why they wouldn’t make GTA V for PS4, unless they are making San Andreas Stories…

        • the_nmac

          They haven’t announced yet. There is an assumption that it will come when the PC version comes out as XBone and PS4 are both running similar architecture. That being said I couldn’t wait that long to play. If they do hopefully they can move the saves over through the cloud to the new system.

  • kennygk

    I really don’t know if i’ll be able to hold out until summer to get a PS4. I may find myself walking out of work one day holding a PS4 in my arms with no idea when I bought it.

  • This game won’t be a completely sleeper hit revolution, but it does look like a super polished shooter to explore the new capabilities of the new PS4 hardware. The big genuinely different and awesome game of the PS3 generation was Demon’s/Dark Souls and that took a few years.

  • hobbes

    interesting, tho, knack will probably be my first ps4 game.

    • skott

      Is that one of the ones that comes with a bundle?