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[Rumor] PS4 Operating System Named Orbis OS

[Rumor] PS4 Operating System Named Orbis OS
  • On June 26, 2013

It’s a modified version of FreeBSD 9.0. Which is a linux based operating system. But I don’t have my hopes up that you’ll have a “other OS” option like the early days of the PS3. Would be pretty neat to have a powerful linux computer + gaming system though.

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  1. very very very nice. Linux based gaming system vs windows based. hmm which one to choose.

  2. The one to choose is obvious haha..

  3. Sharp name !
    Wouldn’t have liked it for the console though….

  4. ninjakilla78


  5. I hope they can program the new Store to not be insanely sluggish like the current one is. Damn it sucks.

  6. recent news about the O/S footprint was interesting, wondering what the actually OS footprint will be.

  7. the_nmac

    I hope there is some more demos on the OS at gamescom of TGS. I would love to see it interact with the Vita. I am sure the Vita will get a new update when the PS4 launches. 3.0?

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