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[E3 2013] PlayStation 4 will allow used games sharing

Ceidz, Owner

At Sony’s E3 Conference yesterday, there has been a pretty clear confirmation that the PlayStation 4 would not require to either connect to the internet periodically to authenticate games or that it would lock the games on a single console, thus allowing you to resell or lend any disc-based game. Looks like the #PS4NoDRM initiative is a success!

Right after the E3, the Official PlayStation Channel released a short and very explicit video (shown above) that is already going viral. Ouch…!

  • skott

    Clever enough. I’m glad to see that Sony, or at least Sony U.S sees the misstep Microsoft made and is willing to capitalize on it. It shows me that they actually want the top spot in this generations game platforms, whereas last generation it didn’t seem like they cared. PlayStation 3 released a year after Xbox 360, and at a higher price.

    I can honestly say I hope Sony crushes this time around, and let Microsoft flounder for a few years, playing catch up, while the same time backing off from their DRM bullshit.

    • Ceidz

      Yep, it was a great move!
      And we’re not the only ones who are thinking this: this video has cumulated (as of writing this) around 8.5M views since the ~36h it’s been published (!)

  • frogmantm

    This is really funny because I remember how arrogant Sony was back before the PS3 was released. They wouldn’t listen to anyone tell them how to do things because they knew best. It seems that the shoe is on the other foot…

  • And now over 12M views, pretty amazing stuff!

  • the_nmac

    How much does the Xbox 180 hurt the PS4 now which at one point was the clearer winner. It’s still the winner but what chunk do they get back.