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Welcome to! At the PlayStation 4 Blog you’ll be able to find all the latest news, opinions, guides, developer interviews, SMITE information and reviews for PS4 and Vita games, not to mention for PlayStation VR releases, as well as awesome giveaways for free PS4 and Vita games! Giveaways are free to enter, and the more you participate at the site, the more entries you can get to increase your odds! You’ll always be able to find a giveaway or two live for awesome free games, so visit every day, and visit often!

And thanks to our Beyond PlayStation feature, we also review games on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch for all you fans of the Big N!

At the PlayStation 4 Blog, no game is too indie or too AAA for us to cover it. We give each game a chance to shine, and we review hundreds of games each year so that you can learn which ones are worthy of your time and money, and which ones you need to avoid (or at least wait to purchase during a sale!). With PS VR in full swing, join us as we take a look at where Sony’s new piece of hardware is taking home gaming.

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[ Interview] MunkyFun On League of War: VR Arena

November 23, 2017 |

We’re currently playing League of War: VR Arena for our review so we got in touch with the team at MunkyFun to talk about the game’s development.

PS4Blog: Welcome to PS4Blog! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a bit about your work?

My name is Nick Pavis, and I’m the CEO and co-founder of MunkyFun, an independent game developer/publisher based in San Francisco. Our studio was started by a small group of passionate Ex-LucasArts game developers, with a deep history of console development. Over the years we have developed and published games on various platforms: PlayStation, PC, mobile devices and now VR. Our forte tends to be in core gaming experiences with high production values.

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Behind Mulaka Explores Tarahumara Culture

November 23, 2017 |

Indie Mexican team Lienzo has released the first video in their Behind Mulaka series which will explore the Tarahumara culture that inspired the game. Come check it out!

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New Characters Out Soon For Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

November 22, 2017 |

If you’ve been waiting for a new batch of characters for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite then you’ll be happy to learn that three new fighters will be added to the game on December 5. Come check them out!

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[ Interview] Cococucumber On Riverbond

November 21, 2017 |

After Cococucumber announced Riverbond we got in touch with the team to talk a bit more about this colorful release that will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 in 2018.

PS4Blog: Good afternoon! Good to have you with us at Could you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a bit about your work?

Good afternoon, we’re glad to be here again. I’m Vanessa Chia, Co-founder and Art Director at Cococucumber. Previously, we had the pleasure of sharing our game Planet of the Eyes with you, and today we’re here to talk about Riverbond, a couch co-op action-adventure game, coming to PS4 in 2018.

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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Making Its Way To PS4 Next Year!

November 21, 2017 |

SEGA has announced it will be releasing Valkyria Chronicles 4 on PlayStation 4 next year! Come check out the announcement trailer and some info on the game.

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[PlayStation 4] Ace of Seafood Review

November 20, 2017 |

Ace of Seafood is a release with a weird premise: what if sea animals could fight each other with phasers and lasers? As you can imagine, this release is different from what you usually play on PS4, so read our Ace of Seafood review to learn more about it!

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[ Interview] George Batchelor On Far From Noise

November 20, 2017 | | One Comment

We’re currently working on a review for Far From Noise on PlayStation 4, so we got in touch with George Batchelor to talk about the game’s development for Sony’s home console.

PS4Blog: Welcome to! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a bit about yourself and your work?

Helloooo. I’m George, a 24-year-old game making person from Manchester, currently living in London. Far from Noise is my second independent release after my dog speed dating game Hot Date a couple of years back. I tend to make things that are a bit of a mix of the light-hearted and introspective sides of life. With talking animals.

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